Application FAQs


  • Why should I choose SOC?

    SOC is your link to university entrance in Canada. Founded in 1980, SOC is a provincial-government registered preparatory high school of the highest quality. SOC is highly respected because of our graduates’ ability to achieve university placement. Student success is SOC success.

  • How can we apply?

    Please visit Application Procedure for complete details.

  • Do we need a Study Permit (Student Visa)?

    A “Study Permit” also known as a Student Visa. It is the legal document most students require to allow them to study in Canada.

    Read more about a Study Permit, how to apply, work opportunities for foreign students and other important information at the Canadian Government website - click here.

  • How long does it take to get a Study Permit?

    The length of time depends on the country in which you applying from (anywhere from 2 – 8 weeks usually).

    Contact the Canadian High Commission nearest you. When you apply for the Study Permit, there is no guarantee of acceptance.

    You should not take any final steps, such as purchasing plane tickets until the Study Permit is approved.

  • When can students start taking courses?

    SOC operates under a three-semester model.

    Academic courses begin throughout the year.

    Intensive English Classes begin on every Monday throughout the entire year.

    Contact the school’s Admissions Department for further details.

  • Who meets students at the airport when they arrive in Canada?

    A representative from the school meets students at the airport upon their arrival in Canada.

    Students arrive at Toronto Pearson International Airport (airport code YYZ) which is a 45 minute drive to Hamilton. They are taken directly to their homestay and introduced to their homestay hosts. Parents will be called and advised of the student's safe arrival.

  • How will parents know that their child has safely arrived in Canada?

    SOC provides airport pick-up to students. Parents are called by telephone once the student has arrived in Canada.

  • How many students will be in my child's class?

    The average class size at SOC is 10-15 students. Small classes provide the opportunity for a better learning environment with more individual attention.

  • What countries will my child's classmates be from?

    SOC is an international collegiate, and students come from around the world to study here. Students from more than 30 different countries have graduated from SOC.

  • Where will my child live?

    Students studying at SOC live with Canadian families in what is known as “homestay”. Our homestay program is a safe, caring and non-business environment allowing students to focus on the pursuit of academic excellence. See our “homestay” section for more details.

  • How do students get to and from school each day?

    Many homestays are located within walking distance from school.

    If a student lives further away from the school, they will use a city bus. Hamilton’s bus service is convenient, safe and comfortable and students may purchase a monthly bus pass which allows for unlimited travel.

  • When students stay in a Homestay are meals included?

    Host families provide their students with all meals, including snacks.

  • How long do students remain at SOC?

    Upon arrival at the school, students are consulted and counseled on their educational goals. Once the school has reviewed their educational documents for the previous 3 years, equivalent credits will be granted and the length of the SOC study period is determined.

  • How can I apply to university in Canada?

    SOC’s University Placement Cousellor will assist you with university applications and procedures. In addition, assistance is provided when applying for scholarships and bursaries. For further details see our “Student Services” section.

  • What is SOC’s Refund Policy?

    All fees are non-refundable if the Study Permit (student visa) is issued by Canadian Immigration. If the Study Permit is refused, all fees are refundable excluding the application fee.

  • Can you guarantee me admission to university?

    No school can guarantee 100% admission to university. However SOC consistently maintains a university placement rate of over 90%!

  • What if my Study Permit expires while I am in Canada?

    Our “Visa Services” department located in the main office will assist you if you need to extend your Study Permit while in Canada.

  • What if I become sick?

    We highly recommend you purchase health insurance coverage while you are in Canada. Nearby medical clinics and hospitals are available with no appointment necessary. The hospital or clinic will always ask for your Health Insurance card or request a cash payment. Costs of medication are often reimbursed under your health insurance coverage.

  • Who can my parents contact in Canada?

    Parents can contact the school at any time Monday to Friday during school hours. After hours parents should contact the homestay family directly.

  • How can my parent’s follow my progress in Canada?

    SOC provides outstanding support service. Parents are provided with updated progress reports via e-mail. As well, parents are encouraged to contact the school by telephone or email for the most current and up to date progress report on their child.

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