Grades 9 - 12

Grades 9 - 12

Achieving Excellence in Education 

Southern Ontario Collegiate is an international educational institution dedicated to further learning, intellectual inquiry and personal and scholastic development. The school is founded on acceptance of the principle of mutual respect for the rights of others and a readiness to support actively an environment conducive to intellectual growth, both for individual students and for the whole Collegiate at large.

The importance of completing a secondary education and SOC’s commitment to helping international students with this outcome:

The Ontario Ministry of Education asserts in “Achieving Excellence: A Renewed Vision for Education in Ontario”, that “vibrant communities and a prosperous society are built on the foundation of a strong education system”. Southern Ontario Collegiate strives to develop secondary school graduates who are not only successful at secondary school but who have learned the life skills to succeed at post-secondary school and indeed at life.

SOC’s goal is to ensure that international students are successful on all of these levels and will return to their home countries and become engaged citizens and economically productive. In alliance with the Ontario Ministry of Education, SOC strives to provide success for all international learners, and is committed to providing the life lessons that will result in the success of every student.



  • Students will be placed in the appropriate Grade according to their successful completion of the various levels of academic achievements in their home country.
  • Such achievement will inform the determination of their placement in the Ontario curriculum and the duration of their studies.


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